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Why do you need us?

Why do you need us?

Why do you need us?

Why do you need us?

PKF insurance comprises experienced professionals from the PKF member firms, all of whom have in-depth knowledge of the operational, regulatory and financial challenges facing the insurance industry.

The combined team has extensive experience of both external and internal audit, information systems, governance, risk management and regulatory compliance advice. We are also able to offer expertise in the wider financial services sector given that the PKF member firms provide services to hedge funds, private equity funds, regulated investment companies and advisors.

PKF is committed to investing in our personnel and have established policies and procedures to ensure that all member firms, partners and staff, are equipped with the required technical skills and reflect our values of commitment to client service and high professional and ethical standards, covering objectivity, integrity and independence.

In developing our methodology we have drawn on best practice frameworks developed by insurers to assist them in assessing their risks. These capture and quantify the likelihood of material risks occurring and measure the financial implications involved. Best practices we have seen include the effective linkage of risks to the firm's internal model and the 'laser focusing' of risks to address specific, as opposed to widely defined generic, risks.

Our clients range from small Lloyd's corporate members to multinational insurance and broking groups.

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