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PKF international

PKF international

PKF international

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“PKF International” is one of the leading international auditing firms with over 100 years presence in the field. It has a network of 400 offices in 150 countries and 440 locations around the world and is a member of the ‘Forum of Firms’, an organization established in the field of auditing firms to provide valid financial information and audit practices.

PKF Hellas is a member of the international network «PKF International», which is today a powerful and reliable partner with a worldwide presence in companies that cover the whole range of economic activities.

Global opportunities

The dynamic presence of PKF worldwide enables us to broaden the opportunities of our clients beyond national border limits.


sectors of worldwide activities

  • manufacturing
  • trade
  • services
  • financial institutions
  • investment firms
  • professional services firms
  • insurance companies
  • hotels and leisure
  • construction and real estate
  • hospitals and medical services firms
  • telecommunications and mass media
  • mining companies
  • public organizations and municipal authorities
  • agricultural organizations and cooperatives
  • non-profit organizations

400+ offices
150+ countries
5 regions


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