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Government and Public Sector

Government and Public Sector

Government and Public Sector

Government and Public Sector

In the current climate of budget deficits and austerity programs to reduce government costs, the public sector in many countries is under huge pressure to maintain its provision of high-quality public services on ever-decreasing budgets.

Expert advisers with experience of working with governments and the public sector are increasingly in demand to help develop innovative policies and initiatives that help public sector organizations to respond innovatively and quickly in order to deliver value-for-money services.


PKF member firms throughout the network have dedicated and experienced teams of full-time public sector consultants who deliver successful assignments within government departments, executive agencies, local authorities, educational establishments, health bodies, former public utilities and newly-privatized organizations.

PKF member firms also have experts in procurement and project management, best practice evaluations, performance improvements, business process review programs, market entry planning, investment appraisal and litigation support.

Below are some of the countries in which members of the PKF International network have particular expertise in working with clients in government and the public sector:

> Argentina

> Australia

> Belgium

> Colombia

> Croatia

> Estonia

> Germany

> Jordan

> Luxembourg

> Pakistan

> Russian Federation

> Serbia

> Spain

> Switzerland

> Tunisia

> United Kingdom


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