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Certified Public Accountants - Business Consultants

Our Profile

Our Profile

Our Profile

Our Profile

We work with passion and method exceeding your expectations. We cooperate harmonically with you and support you to achieve your business vision.

Passionate about teamwork

PKF Hellas can respond to any high-demand challenge a corporation may be facing, but also fulfils the day-to-day routine requirements of your business. Our team of professionals employ the highest quality standards, bringing on expertise, efficiency and team-coherence while carrying out assignments in complex and demanding projects.

At the epicenter of PKF Hellas principles is our dedication and focus to every client’s needs, regardless of the enterprise size, ensuring a successful completion of the assigned projects on a timely manner.

Partnering with our team of experts our clients will appreciate consistency, immediacy and effectivenes.

You can count on us:

At PKF Hellas we consider every client as a long-term commitment that will lead to a trusted partnership. With more than two decades of successful presence in the Greek market, PKF Hellas has been established as a trusted partner in the challenging Greek corporate landscape.


PKF Hellas can be trusted for delivering the following services:

  • Audit and assurance services
  • Consulting services
  • Tax services
  • Corporate advisory / business solutions


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