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You can count on us, with more than two decades of successful presence in Greece

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PKF Hellas, in line with the PKF International strategy, provides integrated services to businesses of all sizes. It focuses on the needs and particularities of each business based on its long-time experience, and proceeds with planning of tailor-made solutions, taking into account the client’s measures and capabilities.

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Why you need us…

In PKF, what distinguishes us, most times from the competition is the way we approach each case. Every single customer, every single entity has its own unique needs and particularities. Our role in every case is to find out, to analyze and to act individually in order to provide the fastest and most appropriate solution.

Making your choice with PKF Hellas, you choose a strong partner that is qualified with:

1. Experience

Our human resources, the Partners and other professional specialists, have extensive experience in many fields, global awareness of business and are able to provide technical guidance, supervision and support to any kind of business.

2. Credibility

For more than 25 years, we provide integrated services in the fields of audit, accounting, tax and advisory, with a network located in 5 cities in Greece, with 85 partners and more than 2,150 satisfied clients.

3. International presence

As a member of the international network «PKF International» and with a strong presence worldwide in companies that cover all fields of economic sectors, we broaden our customers’ opportunities beyond borders.

4. Overall approach

In PKF Hellas we approach all issues in an integrated manner, based on three main principles:
• We invest in our people to ensure that quality and integrity are the foundations of our work
• We provide a wide range of services in order to improve and enhance our customers’ positions
• We are working with passion and method to do things properly

5. Consistency

Our accuracy in every act, the consistency in adherence to procedures, the immediate response to the customer’s needs and the adaptiveness to the requirements of each project, make us the ideal partner you can trust in every step you make.


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