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PKF April Newsletter – Well-being Edition

Company & Network News

Company & Network News

PKF April Newsletter – Well-being Edition


When we launched ‘Fit at 50’ back in September to kick off our 50th Anniversary celebrations, little did we know how crucial well-being would become to the Network and businesses as a whole.

We are now in a time when the majority of firms have moved to remote working, and many of our employees are experiencing lock-down in some form or another.

It therefore felt appropriate that we should look at how we are all working towards creating that all important sense of well-being which seems very much needed at this time.

It’s been great to see firms being so proactive in these unsettling times and hear from you directly about some of your own initiatives. 



Sara Praeceptor and Stefan Catic from PKF Hotel Experts created a virtual ‘Mind and Body Programme’ to help stay connected to their global colleagues and ensure they’re starting their days as productively as possible.

Rebecca Northcot, Brand Manager at Johnston Carmichael is running a series of blogs, sharing top tips on keeping spirits up in the current climate of isolated working.

PKF Octagon have created a schedule of weekly events including virtual team yoga and a
‘body, mind, soul series’. They’ve set up a Facebook social group and put in virtual water cooler Teams sessions to encourage colleagues to continue their office socialising online. They’re also nominating colleagues for their #Beyond awards to identify those who’ve gone beyond their duty during this particularly challenging time.


PKF Wallast arranged fruit and veg baskets to be delivered to all employees.

PKF Francis Clark have created a great Mental Health & Wellbeing guide for their teams and appointed mental health first aiders across the firm who have been actively supporting their colleagues. They’ve also created a programme of activities and morale boosters to see them through lock-down.

PKF Littlejohn have created various events from weekly virtual yoga sessions and fitness classes to a ‘Lockdown playlist’ to listen to whilst they work, Quiz nights, Coffee Breaks and firm-wide Disco.



Please let us know about your initiatives so that we can share them on our PKF365 Fit at 50 page.

As always, it’s the network that makes us strong and collaborating is part
of our DNA.



As we’ve acknowledged, many of you will have put plans in place to look
after the well-being of your employees. But given the constant need to adapt, and the increasing pressure as COVID-19 affects more of your clients, the following resources might also be of help:


If you have an Employee Assistance Programme in place, make sure you leverage it. This blog may help you to do this; Your Employee Assistance Programme. 

The World Economic Forum looks at how to manage mental well-being, both for yourself and those around you


For those of you struggling to find ways to help your employees,  has put together a COVID-19 Support Pack. There's lots of useful information including:

  • Staying focussed when working from home
  • Virtual team building
  • How to effectively manage
    a virtual team
  • Coping with change




Don’t forget we have the 50th Anniversary collateral available, so if you’re running any challenges, why not order some prizes to send out. 

To view the merchandise catalogue click here. To request a quote or place an order contact  



Here’s some of the things that the International Team have been doing to look after their well-being, do join in!


Klaudia Aloni, EMEI Regional Co-ordinator has been logging in to the International Women’s Running Network’s virtual meet runs with 261 every Thursday with Kathrine Switzer - the first woman to run the Boston Marathon.

AJ Meade, Director of Technology and Data enjoys PE with his children every morning. Jo Wicks, The Body Coach is doing a workout every day at 9am GMT – kids and adults welcome. He’s also been taking advantage of the HouseParty App every Saturday, linking up with friends and family over a few glasses of wine!

Gimla Dissanayake, Finance and HR Manager has been making the most of daily ‘Free Celebrity classes for kids in lockdown’ to entertain her children from Cooking with Jamie Oliver to English with David Walliams.


Carolyn Morgan, North America Regional Director sets herself a technology ban come lunchtime and relaxes outside on her deck for some much-needed fresh air, making time to enjoy nature.

Debbie Dell, Africa Regional Co-ordinator has been logging in to the free meditations available from Insight Timer. She finds it really helps calm her mind and is a great way to start or finish her day on the right note.

And finally, Keiran Taylor, ASPAC Regional Co-ordinator has been making his very own Japanese plum wine (there appears to be a theme here) although we’re led to believe it won’t be ready for another four months!


Your PKFI Team


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